Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all the questions about GurjarSetu

    • Gujarati language has very rich literature. However, most of it is in the old format, i.e. hard printed copies. Even if softcopies are available, they are in very poor quality PDF formats. 
    • We want to bring the literature in the format which can be easily enjoyed by today’s generation.
    • Complete Audiobooks. (which is word to word narration)
    • Summaries of popular books. (In Audio and E-Book format)
    • Reviews about popular books. (In Audio and E-Book format)
    • The content will be available on our website as well as the App (once it is launched for Android and iOS).
    • The young generation, who have not studied in Gujarati medium, cannot read or write Gujarati, but understand the language. 
    • The older generation, who have difficulty in reading can enjoy the content. 
    • In today’s life many people spend a lot of time commuting between home and work. They can utilise that time to read the content.
    • All types of Gujarati literature will be published. 
    • Novels, Biographies, fiction, non-fiction, Poems, etc. 
    • The format of Micro-Fiction is in trend, we are planning to publish that content also. 
    • A Mobile App, for listening to Audiobooks and reading the eBooks. 
    • The Mobile app will also allow networking and collaboration features. 
    • A platform where you can upload your work for our review. 
    • Summaries and Reviews,  can be published without Permission and full books will carry the required permissions from the concerned owners. 
    • Before we publish any Audiobook, we will make sure that we have proper legal permissions as required.